Game Board

Tabletop Heroes is played in augmented reality and to play it a game board is required.

The game board can be printed on any color printer and in any size. It is also possible to view it on a screen. Try to print game board on a non-glossy paper and keep its aspect ratio. Recommended sizes are anything inbetween 30x42cm (A3) and 91x130 (C0) but in general, the larger the game board the more fun!

About the game

Tabletop Heroes is the worlds first multiplayer fighting game in augmented reality.

The game is played by pointing the camera of the phone to the game board. The game world is then projected on top the game board.

Privacy policy

Tabletop Heroes requires access to the camera of the smartphone but nothing is recorded or in any way saved. The camera is only used in realtime to view the game.